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“Lainee’s high energy and obvious enthusiasm for helping students find satisfying careers made for an enjoyable and informative event!”

Lainee gave a great presentation to our students on Alternative Legal Careers. She offered practical advice for making a seamless transition from a traditional to alternative path while being careful to cover some of the very real considerations and challenges. Lainee’s high energy and obvious enthusiasm for helping students find satisfying careers made for an enjoyable and informative event!

-Asst. Dean of Career Development at Widener School of Law

“Lainee Knows the Importance of Professional Branding” 

Our firm asked Career Esquire to present to our incoming class during orientation week. Lainee’s program offered our new associates excellent practical tips on how to succeed as young attorneys.  Lainee walked the group through several real-life scenarios which provided great insight into real law firm situations.  Lainee knows the importance of professional branding and is focused on teaching those skills from the start.   From an administrators point of view, Lainee is great to work with – passionate, flexible and responsive. I would absolutely use her services in the future.

Kelley Drye and Warren, LLP Professional Development Department

“Lainee Provided Valuable Tips on how to Stand out From the Competition… I would Recommend her to Anyone Looking to Gain an Edge in this Competitive Job Market.”

Working with Lainee has been an excellent experience. I consulted with Career Esquire for advice on how to handle interviews for my first job.  Lainee provided very valuable tips and advice on how to standout from the competition.  After working together, I received a job offer for an excellent position.  Lainee really took the time to help me succeed.  She went above and beyond by spending much more time than our two scheduled one-hour sessions.  She also has a great network of potential contacts and even found me some per diem work as well.  It was really a delightful experience working with her and I would recommend her to anyone looking to gain an edge in this competitive job market.

2011  Graduate, Cordozo Law School

“Lainee is Enthusiastic about Helping People Achieve the Career they Want”

“I went to Lainee for career advice after I graduated from law school,  a time when I was not sure which area of law I wanted to practice, or where I wanted to start my career.  Lainee provided advice on various areas of traditional and non-traditional legal career paths, and with her help, I was  able to focus in on career options that were the best fit for me. Lainee also assisted me with tailoring my resume  and cover letter  to my specific field. Additionally, we worked on  various networking skills. This included the in’s/out’s of Linkedin, answering questions about setting up informational interviews, brainstorming the best questions to ask when sitting down with someone, as well as reviewing follow up. Lainee was also able to help me obtain informationational interviews in areas in which I      was interested.  Lainee is enthusiastic about helping people achieve the career they want and gives her clients her full attention. I will continue to consult with Lainee as I continue on in my career.”

-2013 Graduate, The New York Law School

“There are Career Coaches and then there is Lainee Beigel” 

“There are career coaches and then there is Lainee Beigel. The world is filled with a lot of people that can dish out career advice, but very few do it with the passion and precision that Lainee does it with. Lainee is exceptionally skilled at breaking down your ideas, thoughts and desires regarding your career into manageable steps. Lainee provided advice on how to improve my networking skills, and helped to connect me with people in the fields I was interested in pursuing. Then, when I got a job, she helped walk me through salary negotiations and ultimately assisted me in getting significantly more money then I was originally offered. Whether it’s a job change, or career transition, working with Lainee will bring your strategies and goals to new heights.”
– 2011 Graduate, The New York Law School

“Her Ability to Network is Unparalleled.”

“Lainee is a long time colleague who has helped me tremendously with my career path.  When making the transition from the practice of law to a career in the insurance industry, she was incredibly supportive and assisted me in obtaining an interview for an In-House position.  Her contacts in the industry were invaluable.  Her ability to network is unparalleled.   I owe my career happiness to her.  I would recommend her to anyone considering a career change and looking for assistance networking.”
– VP Healthcare Claims, Torus Insurance


“I went to Lainee for advice regarding whether a job change from the practice of law was right for me.  I wanted to see what else was out there but I was not sure how to pursue a new career path.  Lainee offered solid advice and direction.  She showed me how to utilize contacts that I already had in order to pursue other careers in the industry.  She also helped to get me an interview through her contacts in the insurance industry. Lainee prepped me for the interviews and offered thoughtful suggestions on how to handle difficult questions, as well as how to communicate with HR. After the interviews I met with her again to discuss whether this was the right job for me.  She was a great resource for me and I fully intend to consult with her in the future.”

2003 Graduate, Rutgers Law

“She Infused Passion, Insight and Patience into our Counseling Session.”

“Lainee Beigel opened my eyes to career possibilities that I had never considered before!  She infused passion, insight and patience into our counseling session as she carefully listened to my needs.  Before becoming a stay at home mom, I was a classroom teacher.   Speaking with Lainee Beigel and listening to her strategic vision for my career path motivated me to begin taking steps towards the next phase of my professional life!”
Back-to-Work Mom

fordham law“Lainee is extremely knowledgable regarding opportunities in the legal field. In my experience she was willing to provide extensive background concerning my interests outside the legal field. When I was seeking a job outside my firm, she not only counseled me on the job, and the company, but the interview opportunity I received was a direct result of her advocacy on my behalf. I continue to reach out to her for advice and information on opportunities that arise.”
2005 Graduate, Fordham Law

“Lainee brings a Unique Perspective to anyone Seeking to make the most of Their Law Degree”

“With experience both in and out of law (and a rolodex of contacts to show for it), Lainee brings a unique perspective to anyone seeking to make the most of their law degree.    If you’re looking to change jobs, Lainee’s tips and strategies about networking and interviewing will help you make the most of your job search.  Or, if you’re just evaluating your situation, Lainee’s advice will help you realize your priorities and enable you to make the best decision that’s right for you.  In either case, anyone not reaching out to Lainee simply isn’t doing all they can to achieve the results they want.”

2005 Graduate, Cordozo Law

“I hired Lainee to help with job search assistance. Lainee was very supportive and helpful while I was searching for a new job. She was very responsive and great at following up and checking in while I was searching. She did a great job preparing me for a law firm interview and helped me to negotiate and accept a great job offer. I would definitely recommend that any attorney who is thinking about a career change or who wants some assistance with preparing for interviews use her services.”