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Why consult with me?

After law school you arrive in your spacious office (mine had a view of the Statue of Liberty) ready to conquer the legal world. Most lawyers do not know how to navigate their career path upon entering a firm. Some never even consider the fact they may not enjoy working at a firm.  I was once at a law firm with the same uncertainties.  I now consult with lawyers because I know and understand how pivotal it is to get the right advice, know your options, and make the right decisions early on in your legal career.

My strategy is to work with individuals and firms in order discuss the skills lawyers do not learn in the classroom, but ultimately need to become successful.

Career Esquire offers programs to Individuals as well as Law Firms. Please choose from among the options below.

Programs for Attorneys

The following programs can be a la carte (2 60-minute sessions for each program) or combined together.

Personal Job Search Consulting

Lawyers and Law students often feel overwhelmed with the daunting task of job searching while trying to study and/or continuing to meet billable requirements.  Personalize this service to fit your needs and let us do the work for you.  Some of the services we will provide are as follows:

  • Emailed job listings fitting your requirements
  • Suggestions on how/where to look for jobs
  • Linkedin Suggestions for connections
  • Consistent  access to a job search consultant
  •  resume/cover letters
  • Preparation for networking events
  • Interviewing review once you obtain same
  • Negotiation assistance once you obtain a job

Career Direction for Lawyers

You’ll begin this coaching program by completing our proprietary Attorney Career Direction questionnaire. You will then talk out career path options with a lawyer who has had experience changing career. This gives you a different perspective, and allows you to speak with an objective third party while receiving honest feedback.

Speaking with someone who has practiced as well as worked in-house for a corporation gives you insight that you can’t get on your own when you first start out.  If you are a lawyer looking to switch careers, you can explore factors such as work/life balance, billable hours vs. non-billable hours, career path at a corporation vs. at a firm, and so on.

We will cover such things as:

  • Your ideal job in the legal field
  • Possible jobs outside the legal field
  • Various short and long-term job options
  • How to go about finding these options (networking, etc.)
  • What you desire in terms of work life balance (and how to achieve it)
  • Work on creating a organized plan of how to meet your goals

Resume and Cover Letter for Lawyers

Our goal is to conduct a strategic review of your resume and assess how you are coming across as an applicant. Having someone go over your resume and discuss the substance can help you land a job in the legal field or at a corporation. Your Resume and Cover Letter sessions provide a substantive resume review, not a resume-rewrite. These services do not include administrative services, such as formatting and re-writing—if you require those services we can recommend excellent virtual assistants.

Our goals include:

  • Reviewing your resume and cover letter as a third party would and assess the strengths and weaknesses
  • Assess and recommend modifications to you the flow, tone and communication style in your cover letter
  • Discuss the best way to bring your strengths off the paper and into an interview

Networking Skills for Lawyers

Learn the basic networking skills needed to get a job in today’s market.  Networking is not something that is taught but something you must master in order to get a job. This session will teach you the importance of communication skills when trying to get a job. Our networking program will benefit a person who wants to brush up on networking skills, or a person who just doesn’t know where to begin. We will help you learn:

  • What to ask at a networking event
  • With whom to focus on speaking
  • How to approach people
  • How to get an informational interview from a networking event
  • How to conduct an informational interview
  • The best way to use follow up emails
  • How to use LinkedIn and other social media to network
  • How to sell yourself at a networking event

Interviewing Skills for Lawyers

Networking gets you in the door, but your interview closes the sale. Speaking with someone who can give you honest feedback on your interviewing style, as well as help you craft thoughtful, smart responses can help you land a job.

You will fill out a questionnaire identifying your current challenges so that we will know what to target during our sessions.  We will then conduct a mock interview with questions you will likely be asked in an interview. Getting honest feedback on your communication style can help you prepare for a tough interview and give you the tools you need to sell yourself with confidence.

Our goals for interviewing program include:

  • Review interview etiquette
  • Review top questions you are likely to be asked in an interview
  • Obtain honest feedback on your interview and communication style
  • Craft answers to use in future interviews
  • Review the technique of how to “sell yourself” in an interview

Negotiation Skills for Lawyers

Negotiating comes with practice and practice leads to more money. You will learn the skills that will assist you in successful negotiation.  We provide the honest feedback that will help you to negotiate a strong starting salary and start off on the right foot at your new job.

During the negotiation program we will:

  • Discuss the best ways to negotiate a salary (how to do it, what to say, etc.)
  • Review past negotiations and what went well and what we can work on
  • Review the most important questions to ask when negotiating in addition to salary
  • Discuss the best way to deal with HR when negotiating, including what to say and what not to say to regarding salary

Programs for Law Firms

These programs are available as 1-2 hour training programs for firms to offer to their interns and attorneys.

Bootcamp For New Associates

Your new associate class is the future of your firm. Provide your newest lawyers with the skills they need to flourish and thrive.  Don’t let it be  sink or swim.  Invest in your associates and they will invest in you.

In this program we will discuss the following:

  • Who can I ask for guidance? (review various scenarios from actual associates)
  • How do I manage billable hours and work/life balance
  • How to interact with your support staff
  • Importance of a mentor/Finding a mentor
  • How to connect with other associates
  • How to make a good first impression
  • Is my reputation important? How do I enhance my reputation?

We will also discuss how to succeed at your job and discuss the following:

  • Why did I go to law school?
  • What do I want out of this job?
  • What do I ultimately want to accomplish (set goals for making that happen)
  • How will I be most happy and fulfilled as an associate? (Discussion will include how to best utilize firm resources that are offered to you)

From Intern To Partner

You’ve found excellent talented interns and would love to see them commit to your firm for the long-term. Help them understand their career desire and direction and support their process with making the best choices for their legal careers (which may or may not be your firm, but when it is you will likely find improved retention, satisfaction and performance).

This program will provide your interns with the opportunity to:

  • Discuss their options with a neutral third party
  • Explore factors including their personal and professional goals and work-life balance
  • Feel supported by your firm and empowered to make good choices in their careers
  • Provide information on how to make the most of their internships
  • Explore best practices as an intern
  • Learn various perspectives about life as a lawyer

Networking for Lawyers

After you have hired associates you want them to succeed as attorneys and eventually bring in business to your firm. Many associates are unsure about how to network in order to make contacts that ultimately turn into clients. Providing a program on networking is an opportunity for your lawyers to learn skills that will help your firm grow.

This program will provide associates with the opportunity to:

  • Discuss the basics of networking
  • Learn how to hone networking skills that will help bring in clients
  • Learn how to make contacts through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Learn how to  best represent the firm when networking via social media